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AMBIENT is an advisory and investment firm that brings solutions to help companies and shareholders reach their business and financial objectives.

AMBIENT focuses on emerging companies with large market potential and proprietary characteristics such as protected technologies or market positions. We are interested in both public and private companies in a wide range of industries with particular interest in health care/life sciences, information technology / communications, electronic systems business services and various enabling technologies related to these business sectors.

AMBIENT ADVISORS provides corporate finance and advisory services to companies at all stages.

AMBIENT CAPITAL invests directly into emerging companies and takes an active role in its growth.

AMBIENThas a long history of working with leading venture and private equity groups as well as entrepreneurial private investors. We welcome complex situations where our involvement can make a large impact on the future of organizations we work with.


If you have comments or questions about AMBIENT or this web site, please e-mail us at: info@ambientcapital.com