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The Ambient Partners Program: Supporting Clients And Their Communities

AMBIENT's basic charter is to help its clients achieve their personal and business objectives in today's competitive and changing economic environment. 

Each of us at AMBIENT recognizes that the complexities of the financial marketplace are often exceeded by the challenges confronting the communities where our clients and we live and work. These challenges must be effectively addressed to sustain and enhance the quality of life for all of us. From education to health care, from housing to job training...thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across our nation and around the world dedicate substantial time, talent and financial resources to these vital community efforts.

To support such programs, AMBIENT donates a percent of all fees earned from each client to the AMBIENT PARTNERS PROGRAM. These funds are contributed to charitable and community programs in our clients' home communities, as designated by our clients.

The AMBIENT PARTNERS PROGRAM is our way of making an absolute and continuing commitment to share our resources with organizations serving our clients' communities.