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Ambient Capital

AMBIENT CAPITAL invests its own capital and that of its partners in private or public companies where we can have a significant impact in helping these companies reach their growth potential. Some of the characteristics we are looking for are listed below.

  • Large potential markets

  • Proprietary or defensible product/service characteristics such as strong intellectual property positions

  • Management and Board of Directors committed to take the steps to build substantial value in their businesses

  • Private or public ownership

  • Expansion capital for both private companies and SmallCap/MicroCap public companies

  • Wide variety of industries, with particular interest in medical technologies, health care/life sciences, information technology/communications, natural resource management, business services and various enabling technologies related to these business sectors

Potential candidates for direct investment need not have all of these features at once to be of high interest to AMBIENT. AMBIENT can provide capital and strategic advisory services to many companies facing obstacles or challenges and this is an important element of our business.